Replace SignerList
Replace SignerList

Replace SignerList

Replace SignerList


Existing SignerList replacing itself with a new SignerList.


Topics covered

  • 3 methods of replacing existing SignerList.
  • Special Fee for Multi-signing.
  • More about SignerQuorum and SignerWeight.
  • Error while trying to sign with old SignerList.



  1. You can watch this video by changing the “playback speed” to 1.25
  2. Click on the settings gear on the video player above → Choose Playback speed → Select 1.25 or whatever is good for you.

  3. Replacing existing SignerList using master account or it’s regular key is single signing and does not require special fee. If the current SignerList is replacing itself, then it’s multi-signing and hence requires special fee: (N + 1) * ledger_fee_plus_some

Final tip: Existing SignerList can be replaced using master key or it’s regular key or by using existing SignerList.


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