Assigning RegularKey
Assigning RegularKey

Assigning RegularKey

Assigning RegularKey


Assigning regular key for the first time, using master account.


Topics covered

  • Why do we even need to set a regular key?
  • How to set a regular key for the first time.
  • Verifying if the set regular key works as expected.
  • Disabling master key, after assigning a regular key.
  • Revoking the disabled master key using regular key.
  • When the transaction fee can be set to 0 and when it can’t be set to 0.



You can watch this video by changing the “playback speed” to 1.25

Click on the settings gear on the video player above → Choose Playback speed → Select 1.25 or whatever is good for you.


The regular key pair need not even be an activated XRPL account. It’s used only for signing purpose, so having a valid secret key is enough. Being activated or not activated on XRP Ledger doesn’t even matter.

Final tip: A regular key can sign all the transactions of the master account, except AccountSet transaction which disables the master key. Only master account can disable the master key. But a regular key can revoke the disabled master key and restore its ability to sign transactions.


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