Freeze a TrustLine
Freeze a TrustLine

Freeze a TrustLine

Freeze a TrustLine


Only a TrustLine can be frozen, hence it must be related to token. XRP isn’t issued by any issuer, so XRP can not be frozen.


Topics covered

  • No Freeze - Permanently give up the ability to freeze individual counterparties, as well as the ability to end a global freeze.
  • Global Freeze - Freeze all counterparties.
  • Individual Freeze - Freeze one counterparty.
  • When the counterparty TrustLine is frozen, all the offers on the DEX is considered unfunded.
  • We are using tfSetFreeze and tfClearFreeze flags on TrustSet transaction to freeze and unfreeze the TrustLine.


Final tip: No one can freeze XRP in the XRP Ledger. However, custodial exchanges can always freeze the funds they custody at their own discretion. For more details, see Common Misunderstandings about Freezes.


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