Deposit Authorization
Deposit Authorization

Deposit Authorization

Deposit Authorization


asfDepositAuth flag, if enabled, blocks all direct transfers from strangers, including transfers of XRP and tokens.


Topics covered

  • Accounts with asfDepositAuth flag enabled can only receive funds in 2 ways: 1. From preauthorized accounts. 2. By sending a transaction to receive the funds. Ex: By Finishing an Escrow.
  • Setting asfDepositAuth flag.
  • Preauthorizing accounts to receive funds from, using DepositPreauth transaction.
  • When you authorize an account, your owner count increases by one. When you unauthorize the previously authorized account your owner count decreases by one.
  • Client applications can use public API method deposit_authorized to see if an account is indeed authorized to send a transaction to particular XRPL account.
  • You can also use account_objects command to fetch all the accounts which are authorized to send payments to an account with asfDepositAuth flag enabled. And the LedgerEntryType is DepositPreauth.


Final tip: You can read the background information about why DepositAuth is even present in XRP Ledger.


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