Signing Payment Transaction
Signing Payment Transaction

Signing Payment Transaction

Signing Payment Transaction


Sign a payment transaction offline, and analyse the signature.


Topics covered

  • Derive rAddress from familySeed.
  • Payment TransactionType.
  • Learn about all the fields in a Payment Transaction.
  • Learn more about payload signature.


Possible Error

When you change isValidAddress to isValidSeed, if you start getting error like below:

(node:33872) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: 
TypeError: AddressCodec.isValidSeed is not a function

Then please run below command:

npm install xrpl-accountlib --save

Reason for the error: The older version of xrpl-accountlib library had this bug which was later fixed.

The above solution updates xrpl-accountlib library and also saves the version changes to your package.json file present in your project folder.

Easy Solution

I can go to XRPL-JS-TS-demo repository right now and change the version of xrpl-accountlib and push the changes. But I want you to encounter this error and then fix it with above solution. That way you know where to look for when you encounter similar problems in any of your projects in future.


If both Account and Destination are same in a transaction(i.e., both sender and receiver address are same), then it fails with following error code: temREDUNDANT.

But if you are a custodian of user funds and want to handle transactions where the sender and receiver accounts are same, then check the use-case section of Source And Destination Tags tutorial.

Final tip: If you know the Sequence number of your account, you can sign any transaction completely offline.


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