Issuing Token on XRPL
Issuing Token on XRPL

Issuing Token on XRPL

Issuing Token on XRPL


Issuing a token on XRP Ledger, and all the concepts behind it.


Topics covered

  • Create 2 XRPL accounts. Let the first account be the issuer account and the second address receive the minted tokens.
  • Enable Rippling on Issuing address / first account.
  • Establish a TrustLine from second account to the issuing address.
  • Send the tokens to the second address from issuing address - that’s how we mint the tokens on XRPL.
  • Discussion of Rippling.
  • Issuing and Operational Addresses: Multiple accounts and their roles in issuing and managing a token.



While setting up a TrustLine we should always set noripple flag on the user account. But more on that in later videos where we discuss more about TrustLines.

Final tip: Issuing a token is not just about technical aspects, you should also consider legal aspects and make sure to be compliant with all the laws.


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