Removing SignerList
Removing SignerList

Removing SignerList

Removing SignerList


Let’s delete or remove an existing SignerList from the master account.


Topics covered

  • There are 3 ways to remove a SignerList: MasterKey, RegularKey, SignerList.
  • More details about special Fee for multi-signing.
  • Removing SignerList using master account.
  • Removing SignerList using regular key of master account.
  • Current SignerList removing itself from being a SignerList.
  • Multi-signing for AccountSet transaction.



You can watch this video by changing the “playback speed” to 1.25

Click on the settings gear on the video player above → Choose Playback speed → Select 1.25 or whatever is good for you.

Final tip: If the only method to sign transaction from your account is using SignerList, then you can not remove the SignerList. i.e., if your master key is disabled and it does not have a regular key set. In that case, you can not remove the only method of signing which is SignerList.

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